Currency System

currency feature

Todays, international trade in different countries has a great importance, so that the survival of countries without access to import and export is impossible.


Money Laundering

money laundering

Money laundering is the process by which offenders are using the facilities of financial institutions and banks to launder their illicit earnings and make it look legitimate.


Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence turns data into meaningful information and it is one of the most important assets for banks and financial institutions.


Important Projects



Shafagh is a system of central banks, especially for loan accounts. The system is connected to the 1800 loan accounts at the national level and helps to integrate, better supervision, and a greater understanding of the financial networks outside of the Central Bank of Iran




SIMA : By order of the Central Bank of Iran, a system called Sima was designed and implemented to manage all kinds of securities by Novin-Kish Informatics Services Corporation. The system can provide different types of securities on the interbank market




Along with defining work in the nineties, in connection with the payment of salaries and wages more quickly and with greater accuracy, as well as setting government accounts in banks, a project was started with the Central Bank of Iran named as “Nasim”



  • Data mining specialist with experience in the field of authentication, fraud detection, fan club
  • Specialist in the field of banking systems
  • Specialist in oracle database administrator
  • Specialist in the field of oracle BI
  • ODI and OWB specialist fluent in oracle
  • System analysis and software design
  • UML, BPMN and its modeling tools
  • Object Oriented concepts
  • Software standards and development methodologies
  • Concepts of banking and payment areas
  • Extraction requirements
  • PHP
  • Mysql
  • Html,Css-Javascript jQuery
  • AngularJs
  • MVC frameworks (ci laravel ,cakephp)
  • JSF Frameworks
  • Spring MVC
  • Object Oriented
  • Css, Javascript
  • Javascripts Frameworks (angularjs,reactjs)
  • Software Development Life Cycle, frameworks and tools
  • Object Oriented Design and Development principles Unit Tests best practices and tools
  • Java Platform
  • Java EE principles and standards
  • Spring Framework modules Object Relational Mapping principles
  • Web Development principles
  • Java Performance tuning and analysis