Currency System

Nowadays, in the globalized era international trade has gained a crucial importance and the survival of countries without access to import and export is impossible. International trade leads to convergence and dependence of countries in a way that the geographical boundaries have lost its relevance in today’s global village.

In this new era, merging into the World Trade is a prerequisite for every country’s survival. Only those countries can benefit from international trades that are able to capture the global market with superior technology and mass production. These countries have set their target market and accordingly offer their own production needs.

Banks as financial institutions play an important role in the process of international trade and financial exchanges between different countries. In addition to playing their role as financial intermediaries at the domestic economy, they banks have an important role at the international economy and can provide constituent relationship between domestic and alien buyers and sellers. Banks offer services such as letters of credit, foreign currency guarantees, documentary bill, and currencies transfers into and out of a country and consequently have a major impact in reducing the risk of buyers and sellers inside and outside a country. In order to provide optimum facilities by banks to their customers, Novin Kish Informatics Services Company has provided these services in the form of “currency system”

Various products of Novin-Kish Informatics Services Corporation are as follows:

  • Letter of Credits (export / import / domestic);
  • Currency transfers and its variants (buying and selling currencies);
  • Guarantees currency (export / import);
  • Bills of exchange;
  • Credit lines and information brokers;
  • Management of fees;
  • Swift Interface;
  • Dealing Room;
  • Accounting and foreign exchange;
  • Contacting Central Bank (order report, the report published two reports on BOP and brokerage relationships)