The device has provided automatically transferring of the purchase amount from the account of the seller, in addition to the ability to pay; it has various functions such as bill payment, SIM card charge and confirms receipt of the invoice and the possibility of withdrawal from the purchase of inventory and daily report. In addition to software development services and accounting services which can use bar codes for stores.

  • Buy
  • Paying the bill
  • SIM card charge
  • Inventory annunciation
  • Billing reception
  • May cancel to buy
  • Daily report
  • Having CPU 32Bit ARM9
  • 16M/32M/64 M Memories
  • 2.4”320*240 screen with high resolution
  • Wireless and convenient to carry
  • Having Smart Card Reader and Small Magnetic Card
  • Having a fast thermal printer
  • Low weight
  • Elegant and beautiful design
  • Rapid communication with the server
  • Access to the SDK and possible programming