Other Systems

Bank analysis system performance

The main activity of the banking system for deposits and facilities are concentrated. So monitoring the performance of banks in these two areas at different levels are required. In this system, while each of those threads of deposits, loans and collaterals, various performance indicators were presented based on the dimensions of the issue. The composition of these issues is also provided by this system. Key indicators such as the banking proportion, capital adequacy and compare benefits and costs are the other parts of the system

Banking supervision and inspection system

In the banking supervision unit, the key factors are very important as money laundering and the beneficiary unit. The procedures set examples for these issues are varied. In this system, data mining methods to detect possible money laundering is used. BI also methods used to detect beneficiary unit.

System sales of bank bonds

One of the centralized systems of central banks is “bank bonds”. Application of the analytical system, check back money towards the cost.