Integrated system security management (Sima)

By order of the Central Bank of Iran, a system called Sima was designed and implemented to manage all kinds of securities by Novin-Kish Informatics Services Corporation. The system can provide different types of securities on the interbank market, taking into account the major customers or retailers, as well as manage transactions related to customers, banks, central banks, and even offer different types of securities in the capital market (Tehran Stock Exchange). The project is included:

  • Presenting support services and development Sima system
  • Steering system for implementation and sale of securities in commercial banks and export
  • Presenting support solutions to communicate with the Exchange Organization
  • Allowing sale, purchase, or transferring of securities
  • Processes about file preparation about deposit and settlement of the securities
  • Processes related to determine what should happen to securities not sold
  • Recording all online securities transactions and change history
  • Ability to define and set different access levels for the users
  • Able to create many different types of reports
  • Able to export files to different formats
  • Internet Banking
  • Telephone Banking
  • Mobile Banking

Central Bank of Iran (CBI)