SAYAD – Issuing integrated electronic cheques

Considering the all Considering all the problems and risk with working with bank cheques, Iran’s central bank (CBI) decided to integrate all these cheques to manage risks and provide new services. This system was designed and manufactured by the company and some parts of it regarding government cheques is implemented and in use. With this system, issuing integrated cheques is managed at CBI, and cheques information is available to applicants online to use it in transactions, and be able to identify and validate them more carefully. This system causes cheques to be unique, online and regardless of the issuing bank.

Sayad system presented (issuing an integrated electronic category of cheques) in order to issuing an integrated category of bank cheques across the country that the capabilities of this system are as follows:

  • Assign a unique ID number to each bank cheque
    • The ID of each cheque facilitate the tracking of the cheques individually throughout the country
  • Inquiry of credit account holders and owners signed
    • Such inquiries are carried out per category of requested cheques
    • Stop printing categories of cheques for unqualified and clearances
  • Two-dimensional bar code assigned to each bank cheque
    • This barcode contains information of cheques, in addition to owner’s accounts
    • Facilitate and speed up the reading mechanization of information and inquiries of cheques
  • Capability of printing category of bank cheques by various printers (such as CBD1000 printers and laser printers)
  • Create an integrated database and codifies from the situation of bank cheques allocation across the country
  • Ability of providing analytical and dynamic reports of current situation of existing bank cheques across the country