Overview of comprehensive banking software

Comprehensive integrated banking system «ABIS» was produced as the third generation of modern banking systems, by Novin Kish Informatics Services Corporation and presented to the banking market on 2011.

The system coverage the complete banking processes in accordance with the instructions of the Central Bank and Islamic law, banks and financial institutions through a common database and integrated information network connects to a centralized database.

In addition to topics related to commercial banking, Islamic banking, corporate banking and private banking can be done by communicating with other systems, areas of risk, bank communications, banking and evaluation systems to support the interbank systems.

ABIS belongs to the next generation of banking software

ABIS helps your bank branch to increase by the speed and carefree. After installing and starting this software in the center of the other bank, there is no worried about the increase and expansion of the bank branches because by the ABIS, you can easily introduce several new branches in any place less than a day and started to work.

One of the customers of the ABIS can use the ability of software in less than 40 days more than 60 branches established active and dynamic.

By using ABIS, you can provide your innovative ideas for offering financial services and products with the least time and best implement

Despite the support of existing banking products such as deposits, loan types, the short-term contracts of Islam …, ABIS utilizes a flexible infrastructure allows you to define the minimum possible time and offer new products and tax services.

This software will provide competitive advantage against other banks and financial institutions. ABIS is the solution for future of banks!

This software allows you to support several different financial units (Rial, dollar, Euro, …) in different financial periods, the integration of several bank accounts, offering financial reports, and gives the various headline which leads to enhance the level and diversity of services. Also according to the architecture and design of this software, different service delivery channels can be provided such as the Internet, mobile, phone, ATM and any other communication channel.

The software architecture and applied technologies has extremely high throughput and due to the lack of dependence on a specific hardware platform or database gives you great flexibility. According to the infrastructure and technical knowledge of bank, you can launch the systems without paying an additional fee. Now our customers are using this software on hardware platforms of the companies HP, Intel, IBM and databases, SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL. By using functionality of CRM in this software, you can identify your customers, categories and presenting various services according to the benefits to customers. This increases customer satisfaction and thus raises customer loyalty to the bank which lead to exceed the profitability of customers and also the bank.

Which ability ABIS will give to your bank?


  • ABIS presents a dynamic and flexible infrastructure to provide different services. ABIS was designed with the aim of providing comprehensive software that covers all banking services to financial institutions. This application gives users the possibilities that banks can be mentioned as follows:
  • The definition of new financial products in the shortest time
  • Providing comprehensive financial reports from the subsidiaries to the general report
  • Quickly and easily work with Web-based graphical user interface
  • Comprehensive monitoring dashboard for managers

Since ABIS designed and implemented by using the latest standard independent platform and it is not affiliated to any particular hardware or software platform, will help to the bank’s information technology specialists to select  Servers, databases and intended operating systems for installation ABIS by considering the existing hardware assets and their disposal experts. ABIS is compatible with hardware platforms such as HP, IBM, Intel, etc Operating Systems Windows, Linux and databases Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and more. In addition, by using ABIS Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), the cost of development and maintenance can be reduced

Comprehensive infrastructure for providing banking services

ABIS is a core banking software. The purpose of making ABIS was producing a software-based solution providing ERP modeling processes in the shortest time with the lowest cost.

Avoiding the complexity of ERP and lack of flexibility of common banking software packages is the unique feature of ABIS that would lead to the application of domestic and foreign competitors in terms of the following items:

  • Fast implementation.
  • Flexibility against changes in terms of large scale bank and banking laws.
  • No need to write code to create new banking products and services.
  • Independent of the activities associated with a particular financial institution

In ABIS, people to be defined uniquely and only once in the system, as a result the all activities related to the bank are recorded centralized in a specific place. This feature allows you to closely monitor the activities of people in your bank and it can able to gain activities, relations of people and their roles in various banking product according to accurate information. Define services, individual products and increase customer satisfaction.

ABIS architecture has a macro view to the issue of bank accounting and provides the bank’s accountants with a wide variety of services compared to its competitors. Ability to Multi Chart of Account in ABIS allows different finance coding and accounting as independent standards (such as Standard of Central bank of Iran, WTO, auditing standards) in a graphical environment. Now we can extract all financial reports such as trial balances and financial books without any interruptions in the system.

ABIS as an integrated system using the information from articles and charts of accounts to present balance reports based on different levels (group, general ledger, etc.)

With this technology can inform the entire cost of different financial products, the profitability of each product, the profitability of each branch, auditor’s report and accounting of the branch, region, and areas.

ABIS accounting provides not only GL’s report but also it uses to account certain offices, daily and …till the most minor issues.

Due to the centralization of data at ABIS and monitor the activities and accounts are visible online. The all activities and accounts can be monitored and visible online, ABIS Monitoring Dashboard allows you to display and monitor the flow of bank funds, the legal status of contracts, the amount of deposits, the profitability of financial ABIS products, and number of customers, Of course, you can customize them to suit your specific needs. ABIS has no limitation in monitoring and it can control and monitor the smallest issues

When defining customers or a new product, comprehensive information about them can be entered to apply in the functional analysis. For example, when defining new individual, information such as type, media type, the type of relationships, geographical location, contact mechanisms associated with… that individual will be entered the system, which can play an important role in analysis and long-term planning related to customers and their products of Bank.

ABIS is very flexible and has an open architecture design that is scalable and highly accessible. This architecture is designed in such a way that is not dependent on a specific technology and therefore there is no limitation and it can meet existing facilities and future needs of the country’s banking network.

Media: According to ABIS architecture, the customer needs a media to withdraw or transfer funds, this media can be a book, card, cheque, mobile software, web page, and so on.

Endpoint Device: ABIS banking operations can be done by a booth, the ATM, mobile, and… .

Access Infrastructure: Customers and bank branches can use the infrastructure of the Internet, telephone lines, Virtual Private Networks and … to communicate with each other.

Delivery Channels: Service delivery channel in ABIS including bank branches, online banking, mobile banking and services.

Core System: Core system includes modules for managing financial products, customer management, media management, accounting, contract management and more.

  • Full compliance with the requirements and guidelines of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Support of Islamic retail banking processes
  • Flexible in changing products and dynamic in defining new banking services
  • The modular and service-oriented
  • The ability to offer services on the Web
  • Multi lingual and multi-currency support
  • Ease of service to a variety of electronic channels
  • Ability to generate dynamic reports
  • Suitable for implementation at large banks
  • Using Service-Oriented Architecture in business level (SOA)
  • Centralized system of data
  • Ability to service 24/7
  • Ability to work in a web environment
  • Log management
  • UI Configuration
  • Meta Data Management
  • Dynamic Report Generator
  • General Parameters
  • Static Data Configuration
  • GL Interface Configuration
  • Ability to work with diverse channels through Channel Manager
  • Multi Calendar
  • Multi Lingual
  • Multi-Currency
  • ABIS General Ledger system
  • Organizational base system
  • Payment System
  • Customer system
  • Fund system
  • Deposit system
  • Cheque system
  • Inquiry System
  • Cheque codded system
  • Deposit system at other banks
  • Mutually beneficial system
  • Customer collaterals system
  • Facility system