Comprehensive network of loans (Shafagh)

Shafagh is a system of central banks, especially for loan accounts. The system is connected to the 1800 loan accounts at the national level and helps to integrate, better supervision, and a greater understanding of the financial networks outside of the Central Bank of Iran. So far, this network is used without real monitoring in the country, under different names. Indeed, the Shafagh system, such as Shetab system to connect the bank, designed and implemented a central system for communication loan accounts. Shafagh project includes:

  • Provide support services organizing process of fund loans
  • Continuing organizing processes of fund loans
  • Provide support services to fund loans


  • Fund performance monitoring capabilities, in addition to make functions to be enable or disable
  • Keeping track of financial and non-financial transactions, and history of changes
  • Manage the granting of the loan from the application process to settle the loan
  • Preparation of required reports
  • Ability to define and access levels for users
  • Ability to define feature based on account headlines, based on Central Bank account headlines
  • Issuance of operation accounting documents related to fund automatically and manually record of other operation fund such as payroll
  • The ability to define and maintain of various financial periods
  • Obtaining financial statements as a subsidiary and consolidated
  • Ability to export data to various formats


Fund loan