ATM is presented in two models; wall and hall, and can configure according to the applicant banks. These devices due to direct contact with customers through different banking information protocols, and able to provide all banking services (authentication of customers and comply with the security principles) to costumers. Boarding performance of these devices also offer services to their customers as an integral part of banking systems.

  • Payments
  • Money transfer
  • To buy credit
  • Pay bills
  • Trade balance
  • Using technology to provide secure and fast services to customers
  • Using long-life components and approved by the European standards organizations
  • Can be fitted with modules, up to date software and offering modern banking service
  • Speed and higher accuracy than similar products available in Iran
  • Beauty and ergonomics suitable for clients
  • The efficiency of the highest standards in the field of banking information security
  • Ease of use and maintenance for users
  • The variety of models and configurations on offer to banks