Fraud detection

Concentrated banking system of Novin-Kish Corporation offers fraud detection system as one of the most important used modules. Indeed, this is one of the most important systems; especially in Western countries which use the credit cards. This is indeed even more important in western countries with credit cards being the most major card used. For example, if a customer’s card is stolen and a person is trying to use the card to buy 5 laptops from a store, our database tracks their purchase history and if it doesn’t see this type of purchase in their behavior, it would automatically stop the transaction.

Fraud detection is one of the most important areas of data mining tools which can be useful in discovering it. Intelligent criminal behaviors, being the leading culprits from the inspection are the main reasons that need a powerful and intelligent course that defines and reports the suspicious patterns and criminals among the mass of information between customer behaviors.

A Negin fraud detection system by providing a comprehensive system offers the possibility to bank managers. The most important features are as follows:

  • Check out all the entries based on previous data and detect unusual and suspicious behavior
  • Reporting of unusual behavior according to the previous performance of person and other people
  • Identify suspicious behavior based on predefined roles
  • Ability to monitor daily or at any time for the customer, user and branch
  • New methods of fraud detection and adding them to the system to prevent a repeat

Given the complexity of the behavior and performance of the cheaters, the need for intelligent and flexible training in this system is very sensitive, and for this purpose from multiple data mining algorithms in this system is used as follows:

Fraud detection

This system is based on previous data in the system will create a clustering model by which all input data is evaluated and in case of detection of unusual and suspicious behavior, a report of a suspicious individual operations will be presented to the user

A lot of indexes embedded in the system in the standard report template